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At Programming Solutions Inc, we strive to bring our clients the results they need and the service they deserve. We attribute our success by providing superior consulting, networking, and development services. These are delivered with flexibility, affordability, speed, team effort, and client collaboration, with a personal touch business approach.

Our Story

Since 1989, Programming Solutions, Inc. has been a dedicated provider of quality software consulting, systems analysis, development, and network services.

Our first major project with the DHS, started with the development of the State of Minnesota’s welfare system, called MAXIS. As a core vendor for this project, we performed analysis, design, and project lead responsibilities for the Benefit Issuance, Financial Management, Claims and Recoveries, and Food Stamp Eligibility sub-systems. Our staff led the development of the Food Stamp EBT system one of the first in the nation.

Our team has worked on more than 35 public and private sector projects, primarily within the Department of Human Services and Department of Justice.
We have worked on numerous government projects for the States of Minnesota, South Dakota, Alaska and California and for the Territories of American Samoa and US Virgin Islands.

Meet the Team


William “Chuck” Hill

President & CEO

Chuck Hill, PSI’s president, and CEO, spent the past fifteen years as the off-site project and contract manager for the Territory of the Virgin Islands computerized welfare system, CARIBS.

Chuck is currently responsible for the direction of on and off-site staff, contract management, quality assurance and technical consulting.

In addition to contributing to the project as one of its original developers and managers, he is a demonstrated leader with a strong business orientation. He is particularly defined by his success at coaching, developing, and motivating others, as well as managing, controlling, and implementing complex projects.

Mila Liden

Vice President

Mila Liden is the Vice President of the Caribbean Office and the project manager for the CARIBS project. She is a IT professional with over 20 years experience as systems analyst and programmer in mainframe, mini and PC environments. She is experienced in the design and development of financial, sales and banking applications.

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Cindy Hill


Cindy Hill has been PSI’s controller since 1990 and handles a wide range of responsibilities ranging from benefit administration, payroll and accounting.

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