Product / Service Categories

Public Service

Public Assistance programs such as TANF, EBT, SNAP/Food Stamps, and Entitlement Eligibility are areas where PSI provides expertise. We understand that state HHS departments have challenges in responding quickly to evolving delivery requirements and struggle in several key areas.



Product / Service Categories

Public Safety and Justice

We understand that an important function of government is to project individuals. With new threats arising every day, Criminal Justice departments need to communicate seamlessly, quickly, and effectively. PSI has assisted in several key areas:

  • Recording, maintenance, and tracking of protection order data
  • Interfacing with other subsystems and agencies such as Probation, State Police Radio, National Crime Information Center, Drivers Licensing, Accounting, Motor Vehicle Registration, etc.
  • Modernizing of Legacy Systems

PSI has helped make Criminal Justice departments more efficient, by integrating departments, sharing important information, and consolidating business processes, in order to ensure that states save money, people are safe, and offenders are brought to justice.

South Dakota

  • Department of Justice